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Electrical Installation in Residential Homes

We’re ready to install fixtures and equipment anywhere in your home, including:

  • Light fixtures

  • Ceiling fans

  • In-wall heaters

  • Breakers

  • Dedicated circuits

  • Receptacles for ranges, dryers

  • Standard receptacles

  • Switches

  • Under-cabinet lighting

  • Recessed lighting

  • Whole home surge protection

Schwab Electric Installation Services

Our Installation Process

  • Upon arrival, we will ask the homeowner what equipment they’re looking to install and where, such as the exact area a receptacle is desired, or where a new light fixture will be placed.

  • We will make sure the fixture or equipment will function correctly for this installation. Often, we can foresee potential issues for installation (such as an obstacle that would require opening up a finished wall), and we can bring this to the homeowner’s attention before we begin.

  • If exposed wiring is necessary, we will confirm where and what kind of conduit will be used.

  • To keep finished floors clean and undamaged, we set down plastic drop cloths around work areas to catch sheet rock particles or other debris.

  • We will alert the homeowner to any findings or obstacles which require us to change or alter the scope of work or modification to the original installation.

  • Once everything is installed, we will test to make sure everything works. All holes made are sealed up, and any leftover debris is cleaned up.

  • The homeowner will be instructed in the proper way to maintain the equipment (as required), the permit process, and how to proceed with inspection for the given electrical authority to their area.

Frequently Asked Questions about Electrical Installation

Can you provide an estimate before the installation?2018-11-08T08:17:20-07:00

For almost all projects, we require an on-site estimate first, free of charge. As every home is different, we need to see what potential challenges we might come across on an install before we give you our most accurate estimate.

How long will the installation take?2018-11-08T08:18:20-07:00

We can’t guarantee any length of time for installation, but we can give you a rough estimate when we arrive on-site.

How much will the installation cost?2018-11-08T08:18:48-07:00

We charge a flat rate regardless of how long the installation takes; we want you to feel comfortable knowing we’re performing quality work instead of rushing through an installation.

Will the price change from the flat rate?2018-11-08T08:19:17-07:00

The only time our flat rate price would change is if something outside the scope of our work isn’t safe or code-compliant, such as discovering damaged wiring or an existing safety hazard during the install.

Will there be exposed electrical piping?2018-11-08T08:19:50-07:00

In a finished home, it is very common to have run conduit exposed as the walls are closed up for wires. Unless otherwise requested by the homeowner, we use flexible conduit in order to get around obstacles more easily.


We aim to provide quality residential electrical services to customers in our local communities, and we’re committed to being upfront and honest with our prices and the services we provide.


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