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Electrical Troubleshooting and Inspection in Residential Homes

Troubleshooting always starts with inspecting the electrical connections at the electrical panel and any problem areas (we usually find the problem in these areas). Sometimes, a novice electrician may have put hidden wires inside the wall or attic, making it difficult to find the issue.

If it will take too long to troubleshoot an issue, we will give you the option to have us install new wire. It may be more cost effective, and is guaranteed to eliminate the issue.

Schwab Electric Troubleshooting Services

Our Troubleshooting Process

  • Upon arrival, we will ask the homeowner what’s happened, and when the issue occurred. This helps us narrow down what circuit the issue may be happening on, or what kind of issue we may be dealing with.

  • We still start first at the panel to ensure that all connections are in good shape, there’s no loose wires, and checking power at all breakers to ensure they’re working.

  • If we don’t find a problem, we proceed to the reported problem area. We’ll check if the electrical boxes of the outlets are not functioning, looking for loose connections, or wires touching that shouldn’t be.

  • From there, we’ll branch out to other electrical connections nearby that may be loose or faulty. We’ll check voltage to ensure we’re narrowing down the problem.

Frequently Asked Questions about Electrical Troubleshooting & Inspections

What are some common issues you find during troubleshooting?2018-11-08T07:52:40-07:00

When homeowners ask us to troubleshoot a problem, we often find the issue stems from loose wires, incorrect installation, or circuit overload from too much electrical power on a single circuit.

How would wires become loose?2018-11-08T07:53:04-07:00
  • Wires can come loose for any number of reasons:
    • A poor initial connection gradually loosened over time
    • The device making the connection suffered a mechanical failure
    • Too much power caused excess heat to burn through the connection or loosen the wires
How do you know if a device has stopped working?2018-11-08T07:53:44-07:00

Typically the voltage will not be standard if a device isn’t working, or the device may be burned from where it can no longer accept an electrical connection.

How much will it cost?2018-11-08T07:54:17-07:00

Since we don’t know what the problem is yet, we only charge our flat hourly rate for an inspection. If we find that replacement or repair is necessary, we will provide you with a quote on-site before any other work is done.


We aim to provide quality residential electrical services to customers in our local communities, and we’re committed to being upfront and honest with our prices and the services we provide.


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