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Electrical Repair in Residential Homes

Like any system in your home, the electrical system sometimes needs repair. We often see necessary repairs and replacement on equipment such as:

  • Burnt, charred, rusted, or broken receptacles and switches

  • Breakers at the end of their life

  • Damaged wires and conduit

We are able to repair some equipment that is fixed into a wall (such as an in-wall heater) or if it’s a cord that plugs into a wall receptacle (such as the cord for a range/oven or dryer). Any repair that needs to be fixed internally on an appliance would require an appliance repair worker.

Our Repair Process

  • Before we can begin to make repairs, we will assess and troubleshoot what needs repair or replacement. Typically, we will discover the need to remove and replace a device.

  • When a receptacle has been burnt, broken, or otherwise damaged, we’ll remove it from the box.

  • We inspect the conductors (individual wires in a cable) leading to the device to see if there’s any damage present. Sometimes, the insulation on the conductors will be burnt up, melted, or nicked. Any damage found will be replaced if possible.

  • Additionally, we’ll check to see if the makeup of the wires has any mistakes. This can involve replacing any existing wirenut connections in the box to ensure a proper connection with a new connector.

  • All grounds in a box need to be connected together. In many older homes they are merely twisted together with no connector, so we will ensure this is connected properly.

  • We will usually have a replacement device on-hand to make sure it has the right specifications. Most new receptacles can be any color, but usually have to be a 120V 15A tamper-resistant duplex receptacle to ensure that the homeowner has the latest up-to-code receptacle.

  • After connections are made securely to the new device, it will be installed to the wall. Sometimes, when a box is not sitting level or flush with finished surface (like sheet rock), the device will sit crooked. If possible, we will take additional time to ensure the receptacle bracket will sit flush with the wall.

Frequently Asked Questions about Electrical Repair

How long will it take for repairs?2018-11-08T08:34:53-07:00
  • Repairs for a device such as a receptacle, switch, or breaker typically takes about 20 minutes from start to finish.
  • A light replacement—including removal of the old one—takes about 30 minutes.
  • Installing a new/dedicated circuit usually requires several hours from start to finish.
  • Replacement of a panel and/or service requires several hours, requiring power off from early morning until later in the afternoon, and sometimes into the evening.
How much will repairs cost?2018-11-08T08:35:13-07:00
  • Repairs vary in cost depending on what is needing repair or replacement. The cheapest replacement would be a switch or receptacle replacement, followed by a light fixture or breaker replacement. Specialty devices such as GFCI, AFCI, dimmers, and LED lighting upgrade replacements will have an additional cost.
  • Repairs to a damaged electrical panel often requires an entire replacement, and is more costly. However, an electrical panel installed correctly should last at least 30 years, so if a replacement is necessary, it will cost less over time than many other appliances.
Do I need to prepare anything before you arrive?2018-11-08T08:35:36-07:00
  • Lack of access to problem areas can make it difficult to repair as we need enough room to work with tools and/or ladders, so please keep the work area clear of obstacles.
  • This includes the electrical panel, as it is often required to turn the power off while working on a circuit.
  • Additionally, pets and children must be kept clear of the work to avoid injury.


We aim to provide quality residential electrical services to customers in our local communities, and we’re committed to being upfront and honest with our prices and the services we provide.


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